Takeshi Shinoda

"If you know yourself and your enemies, there is no danger of a hundred battles"

By The Art of War, Sun Tzu, 512 BCE

Takeshi Shinoda   |   President & General Partner
President & General Partner
Takeshi Shinoda operates out of Japan and Singapore. Shinoda-san is the owner and CEO of an asset management, private equity, and wealth management firm for Asian clients. He has a rich background in the fields of banking and investment banking. His presence in Japan and Singapore will help portfolio companies penetrate and grow within Asian markets, which tend to be particularly challenging for foreign companies to enter.
Gideon Ben-Zvi   |   Chairman of Investment Committee
Chairman of Investment Committee
Gideon Ben-Zvi, with decades of experience as an investor and as a serial entrepreneur, has founded and managed four start-ups — three of which made it through successful exits. Ben-Zvi is highly experienced in licensing technologies from academia and transforming them into successful initiatives within the external business world. Ben-Zvi currently serves as the CEO of Valens.

Gideon Ben-Zvi

"Never make business with businessmen who are rude to a waiter..."

GBZ, Tel -Aviv, 2020

Moshe Sarfaty

“Judge someone by how they treat those below them not those above them...”

Tony Blair, New Haven, 2008

Managing Partner
Moshe Sarfaty   |   Managing Partner
Moshe Sarfaty holds a dual degree in Economics and International Studies from Yale University, where he served as the first-ever Israeli captain of the varsity squash team as well as the president of the Shabtai Society. He has accumulated years of experience in investment banking, trading, business valuation, and venture capital funding, and he is a lecturer at higher education institutions in Israel and abroad. Before joining Aristagora VC, Sarfaty co-founded a green river-logging start-up in Belize and served as a managing partner at Krypton VC, which focused on seed-stage technology investments. He began his career as an investment banker in the capital markets division at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch in New York City, where he conducted financial and market analyses for corporate clients, focusing on their investment-grade ratings, debt structure, and overall market performance. He now uses that skill set to mentor promising start-ups from around the world, supporting them from inception to initial revenue stage and helping them to attract later-stage funding.
Managing Partner
Anat Tila Cherni   |   Managing Partner
Tila Cherni has 10 years of experience in tech-related investments, capital markets, and investment banking. Prior to joining Aristagora VC, she was VP and head of the Asia Desk at Discount Capital Underwriting, a subsidiary of Discount Bank, one of the three leading corporate banks in Israel. Before that, she led the Asia Practice at one of Israel’s leading law firms. Tila Cherni has extensive experience in advising Asian-based investors and leading investments and M&A transactions in the Israeli tech market. She also has broad familiarity in Asian capital markets, assisting growth-stage Israeli companies by tapping into these markets for funding and exposure to strategic partners. She is a veteran of the IDF 8200 Intelligence unit and holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a Bachelor of East Asian Studies (cum laude) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is also a graduate of Beijing Language and Culture University, where she majored in Chinese Studies.

Anat Tila Cherni

"The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them"

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Boston, 2011

Ori Edry

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

Albert Einstein

Senior Associate
Ori Edry   |   Senior Associate
Ori Edry graduated from Columbia University (magna cum laude), earning his degree in Economics. Later, he worked as an analyst in a New York-based family office, focusing on venture and real estate investments. In 2021, Ori moved to London and joined Pearson Ventures, the CVC of Pearson PLC. Most recently, Ori served as a corporate development advisor to an African services company, leading M&A processes and BoT projects. Ori has vast experience evaluating venture investments and supporting growing startups. He specializes in financial modelling, strategic planning and execution. Aside from work, Ori enjoys discovering new surf spots around the world with his wife.

Advisory Board

Mr. Haruo Kawahara

"Never give up until success"

Haruo Kawahara

Mr. Haruo Kawahara   |   Advisory Board and Investment Committee Member
Advisory Board and Investment Committee Member
Based in Japan, Haruo Kawahara has vast experience in technology, management and operations. Spending over four decades at Toshiba, he specialized in computer software development, strategy, and M&A as Engineer, Senior Managing Director, CEO of US-JV and Corporate Advisor. Later on, he joined Kenwood as CEO, where he steered the company through revitalization from negative-networth and its merger with Japan Victor Company. Presently, he serves as Advisor of Ventures. And as the Vice Chairman of the Japan Israel Chamber of Commerce.

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