Lynxight is an AI technology for the aquatic market, offering superior computer vision capabilities to manage safety, security, and operational risks.


Lynxight develops computer vision applications for aquatic operations, with an initial focus on the multi-billion underserved swimmer safety market. The system equips standard security cameras with proprietary AI capabilities to capture unique pool data and alert on unplanned situations: swimmer distress behavior, drowning events, area overcrowding, and a variety of pool risk factors. Powered by a new class of deep technology, Lynxight provides superior capabilities for managing safety risks and improving operational performance, offering razor-sharp analysis of activities and weak spots. Lynxight is hardware agnostic and can be applied in any aquatic environment using imaging from above and below water.

Nimble is an at-home device that polishes nails better and faster than a salon manicurist, using single polish capsules for each session. Addressing a $120B global nail market, Nimble will provide the 80M U.S. women painting their nails once a week a vastly more convenient option.


Nimble Beauty formed in 2016 with the aim of utilizing revolutionary technology to simplify and enrich everyday life. Our expert team of developers, hardware and design specialists spent over four years developing the Nimble, a device that uses unparalleled precision afforded by artificial intelligence to take the work out of painting nails. Nimble provides salon quality nails, at home, in a fraction of the time & cost.

Securing the use of SaaS applications.


Suridata’s SaaS Security platform enables organizations to secure the use of SaaS applications. Companies rely on our solution to identify risks of misconfigurations, third-party integrations, and users’ access. Once risks have been identified, the platform provides a remediation process according to best practices and security frameworks. The comprehensive point of view of Suridata’s solution ensures risk reduction across dozens of critical SaaS applications.
The Dex World app by TOPeration is a smart operating platform that serves as a communications network for the operating needs of fast food chains and restaurants. Dex helps businesses transform their operations through automation.

DEX World

The company developed a platform (app) that provides fast food chains and restaurant groups with command and control capabilities and tools for managing employees and their daily tasks and checklists, maintenance, and all their operating needs, and enables these businesses to reduce operating costs and increase revenues by progressing to a sophisticated smart operating system.
An automatic inspection and verification software using cutting-edge AI technology to detect commonly found errors in electrical schematics of PCBs.


CADY’s mission is to fully automate the inspection of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) schematics, using AI technology.

CADY realizes all requirements of all components in the design and checks them against PCB schematics to detect errors at an early stage.

Early detection improves and expedites the design process, significantly reduces resource spend, shortens the overall “Time to Market”, and at the same time improves the quality and reliability of the final product.

Chainlane helps companies eliminate supply chain blind spots thanks to its robust transparency platform.


Chainlane provides true visibility across the supply chain for retail, manufacturing, food & beverage, logistics, and more verticals, helping them see more, so they can succeed more. What sets Chainlane apart from others is its ability to integrate to existing solutions such as ERP, POS, and WMS systems, while combining advanced data collection technologies including RFID, BLE, NFC, Barcode, QR, and more, as well as a powerful and global partner ecosystem of industry leaders. With Chainlane, companies can accelerate their transition towards smart, responsible, and profitable operations.
ReturnGO’s exchange-first returns platform simultaneously reduces refunds and waste.


ReturnGO is a technology company addressing the eCommerce industry returns challenges and building an AI-driven platform that puts a focus on merchant profitability. In addition to improving Merchants’ bottom line, ReturnGO increases customer retention and average order value for lower reverse logistics costs.

Pery leverages technology to empower parents and clinicians to work together to find the best personalized ADHD treatment for each child while empowering children with the tools they need to best deal with their challenges.


Pery’s mission is to improve clinical outcomes of children’s ADHD treatment by helping clinicians make evidence-based decisions and educating and supporting parents, in compliance with pediatric care guidelines. To accomplish this, Pery develops a closed-loop, AI-based, learning system that allows clinicians to monitor a child’s symptoms and side effects continuously. By implementing behavioral change techniques, the Pery app maximizes positive outcomes and treatment adherence, while also collecting valuable data for our monitoring system.

SafeFields’ mission is to enable a safe EV future through its groundbreaking technology of reduction of unhealthy magnetic radiation from power trains of electrified vehicles.


SafeFields Technologies was founded in 2021 by senior EMC and DSP industry veterans, with a vision to enable an EV future safe from unhealthy EMF radiation.  The company resides in Herzliya, Israel, and London, UK.

SafeFields’ patent-pending technology enables the reduction of excessive radiation down to safe levels by means of dynamic cancelation of magnetic fields. While conventional methods require prohibitive measures such as heavy and expensive shielding, as well as constraints on the layout of the vehicle’s electrical system,  SafeFields’ technology provides a pinpoint, cost-effective solution which can be applied even after the vehicle has been fully designed, without compromising in any way the operation or performance of the vehicle.

NakAI is developing a fully autonomous vessel conditioning & inspection robot, aimed at preserving and improving our ocean’s health by significantly reducing millions of tons in air and water pollution and minimizing the transmission of aquatic invasive species.

Nakai Robotics

NakAI’s fully autonomous in transit hull cleaning and inspection robot allows ships’ owners / operators to enhance fleet performance, while reducing fuel consumption. NakAI’s robot always travels with the ship and removes early stage bio fouling, which is a substantial element impacting the vessel’s performance as well as pollution.

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