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Aristagora VC is a vertically agnostic early-stage VC. We believe that at this stage, you should still have the freedom to make mistakes and adjust your product and go-to-market strategy.

Aristagora VC focuses on early-stage companies with great teams, supporting them from inception to growth by investing in innovative urban technologies that impact people’s daily lives.

Aristagora VC aims to change the world through a never-ending search for products and services that increase sustainability and improve quality of life.

We look for early-stage startups across various verticals, including:

We invest in early-stage start-ups, supporting great teams from inception to growth stage and helping them throughout their journey to later-stage funding.

The DNA of a start-up is its team. We think it is of utmost importance that the team we are investing in is strong, fully committed, and equally invested in their start-up.
We look for cutting-edge technologies developed by Israeli tech companies. We will look for technological barriers to entry and additional tech intellectual property (IP) in addition to a great idea.
The fund will focus on early-stage investments in products and services that increase sustainability and improve quality of life. Some areas of interest include safe cities, smart cities, water and air purification, building tech, campus tech, silver tech, Internet of Things (IoT), sensors, cloud-based tech, office and housing management, artificial intelligence (AI), and Big Data.

areas of interest

Smart Cities & Urbanization Technologies

Internet – Cloud
Big - Data
Industry 4.0
Assistive Devices

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